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Municipal Affairs and Provincial Planning

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Applications to incorporate - Creating a New Municipality



A.  The Minister receives the complete application, which contains:
A petition containing signatures of at least 25 residents in an area, and includes;
- Request for a municipality
- Boundaries of the municipality
- Type of municipality – Town or Community
- Services to be provided by the municipality
B.  The Minister calls a public meeting of the residents in the area to determine public support for the proposal.
    There are specific notification requirements that are followed:
- A notice in the Royal Gazette
- An advertisement to appear two times in a newspaper, indicating content of petition, and the date, time and place of a public meeting, and an invitation to residents to make representations.
- 1st ad must appear not less than 14 days before the meeting – day of ad and meeting are not
C.  The Minister may also conduct a plebiscite and/or request a feasibility study.
D.  The Proposal is assessed in relation to the recommended municipal thresholds of 4,000 people and $200 million tax base.
The Province does not, as a rule, promote or engage the public for the purpose of developing a proposal for incorporation. The role of the Municipal Affairs Branch is to explain the application process, explain the responsibilities, powers, and requirements for a municipality once approved, and to assist the Minister in assessing whether or not the proposed municipality is feasible. The Branch will hold a public meeting after a completed application has been received in order to explain to the public the details of the application and to assess for the Minister whether or not there is local support for the proposal.
The provincial government is committed to implementing the Report on Land and Local Governance. All applications for new municipalities will be reviewed to determine the long term viability of the proposed local government and will be informed by the comments of Commissioner Thompson with regards to minimum population and assessment base thresholds.
The Province is committed to moving towards larger, more sustainable municipalities focused on providing local services to residents. A new municipal framework is being developed to enhance the long term viability of existing and new municipalities. The Report on Land and Local Governance highlighted clearly that changes would be needed for existing municipalities in order to protect their ability to provide services effectively. As a result, consideration will also be given to the potential impact of the new proposal on existing municipalities.
Further Information
Creating a New Municipality PDF
Role of a Municipality PDF
  • Application PDF
  • Updated budget for proposed municipality PDF (updated May 23, 2013)
  • Original budget for proposed municipality PDF
  • Petition PDF
  • Map of Proposed Area PDF
  • Public Meeting Advertisement PDF
  • Sample Ballot PDF
  • Proposed Central West Prince Municipality Map PDF
  • Proposed Central West Prince Fire Districts Map PDF
  • Statistical Comparison for Proposed Municipality PDF

Public Meeting Date & Time: June 5th, 2013 at 7:00pm; registration at 6:30
Public Meeting Location: Rodd Mill River Resort, 180 Mill River Road (Route 136)

Note that an information session will be held between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. at the Rodd Mill River Resort on June 5, 2013; those unable to attend the evening meeting may participate in the survey at this time.

Incorporation Committee

John Lane 853-2090
Blaire Horne 853-5933 

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