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Investing in Independence

For Heidi MacDonald, who has used a power wheelchair since childhood, getting around the mountains of snow... Read the story

A Small Thank You
More than 100 Islanders who get out of their warm beds in the middle of the night Read the story

Cash Cow
The Easter Beef Show and Sale is a longtime tradition in the agriculture industry. Read the story
Recent News
Minister congratulates palliative care award winner
Health and Wellness
August 28, 2015
Jobs for Youth Program funds student workers across PEI
Workforce and Advanced Learning
August 27, 2015
Island records Canada’s strongest wage growth in early 2015
Workforce and Advanced Learning
August 26, 2015
Petroleum Pricing
Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission
August 26, 2015

Canada's food Island

Our food is our strength. Read the story

A lifelong love of literacy

Public libraries offer service for Community Care residents...Read the story

The gift of fitness
It was like Christmas morning at Prince Street School...Read the story

For the love of children
Meet Cathy McCormack...Read the story
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