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February 4, 2016
For immediate release

Legislature Approves the Posting of Caucus Grant Information

Legislative Assembly

As part of ongoing efforts to enhance transparency and accountability, the Standing Committee of Legislative Management has unanimously approved the releasing to the public, information associated with expenditures in the three Legislative Assembly caucus offices beginning April 2016.

Caucus offices exist to support the parliamentary, constituency and legislative work of all Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs). The Legislative Assembly will continue to ensure appropriate levels of control, review, authorization and reporting of expenditures in these offices.

The Legislative Assembly, as it has in the past, continues to ensure appropriate levels of control, review, authorization and reporting of expenditures in these offices; however, to date, this information has not been released publically. This initiative is in addition to the committee’s direction in June 2015 to post online Members’ individual expense reimbursements

Beginning in April 2016, these expenditures will also be posted online on a quarterly basis. These reports will then be posted on the Legislative Assembly’s website The first report will be posted in April 2016 and will cover the period January 1 through March 31, 2016.

“I am very pleased with the cooperation received from all offices in this move to increase openness and transparency in the Legislative Assembly. I would like to personally thank the members of the Standing Committee on Legislative Management and the leaders of all parties in the House for their respect of the process,” said the Honourable Francis (Buck) Watts, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly and Chair of the Legislative Management Committee.


The Standing Committee on Legislative Management is composed of the Speaker as Chair; the Deputy Speaker; the Government House Leader; the Government Caucus Chair; the Leader of the Official Opposition; the Opposition House Leader and the Leader of the Third Party. The Committee is charged with policies for the administration of the Legislative Assembly; the provision of security, facilities and services, including allocation to party caucuses and individual members; the appointment, supervision and management of the staff of the Legislative Assembly; review of the estimates of expenditure for the Legislative Assembly, including the forecasts and analysis of expenditures and financial commitments of the Legislative Assembly; and other matters necessary for the efficient and effective operation and management of the Legislative Assembly. Current Members are:

Hon. Francis (Buck) Watts, (Chair)

James Aylward

Peter Bevan-Baker

Kathleen Casey

Hon. Jamie Fox

Sonny Gallant

Hon. Alan McIsaac

Media Contact: JoAnne Holden
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