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February 23, 2015
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Prince Edward Island Premier MacLauchlan sworn in and Cabinet appointed

Executive Council Office

Wade MacLauchlan was sworn in as Premier of the Province of Prince Edward Island today by Lieutenant Governor Frank Lewis at Government House.

Premier MacLauchlan became Leader of the Liberal Party of Prince Edward Island on February 21, 2015. Prior to entering provincial politics, Premier MacLauchlan served as the President of the University of Prince Edward Island from 1999 to 2011. Earlier, he was Dean of Law at the University of New Brunswick and a professor of law at Dalhousie University.

Premier MacLauchlan has been recognized as a Member of the Order of Canada (2008) and the Order of Prince Edward Island (2014).

Premier MacLauchlan named the following members to Executive Council:

• Honourable H. Wade MacLauchlan, Premier, President of the Executive Council, Minister of Finance and Energy, Minister Responsible for Aboriginal Affairs, Minister Responsible for Acadian and Francophone Affairs, and Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs

• Honourable George T. Webster, Deputy Premier and Minister of Agriculture and Forestry

• Honourable Doug W. Currie, Minister of Health and Wellness and Minister Responsible for Municipal Affairs

• Honourable Valerie E. Docherty, Minister of Community Services and Seniors and Minister Responsible for the Status of Women

• Honourable Janice A. Sherry, Minister of Environment, Labour and Justice and Attorney General

• Honourable Robert L. Henderson, Minister of Tourism and Culture

• Honourable J. Alan McIsaac, Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development and Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal

• Honourable Allen F. Roach, Minister of Innovation and Advanced Learning and Minister of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Rural Development

“It is with humility, optimism and a great sense of responsibility that I take office as premier of Prince Edward Island,” said MacLauchlan. “I look forward to working with my cabinet colleagues to offer Prince Edward Islanders an energetic government that will lead our province on a strategic path of growth and renewed engagement.”

Media Contact: Mary Moszynski
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