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September 16, 2015
For immediate release

Province engages municipalities on new revenue model


The Government of Prince Edward Island is engaging municipalities to develop a new provincial revenue model that is predictable and enables the delivery of appropriate local services to Island cities, towns and communities.

“Government is committed to working together with Island municipalities to arrive at a revenue model that is predictable and reflects the levels of service provided to residents,” said Finance Minister Allen Roach. “Greater predictability in the amount of provincial revenue will assist municipalities at budget time to deliver the best services and infrastructure to Islanders in a cost-efficient manner.”

Representatives from several departments including Finance; Community, Land and Environment; and Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy, will work collaboratively with representatives from Island municipalities and the Federation of Municipalities to develop a revenue model that is predictable, stable, and transparent. All aspects and sources of revenue sharing will be discussed.

The province has engaged Patsy MacLean of HR Atlantic to facilitate the process with the province and municipalities.

The Government of Prince Edward Island is committed to a renewed relationship with Island municipalities. Premier Wade MacLauchlan has engaged community representatives since forming government with a renewed emphasis on strengthening local governments and recognizing the important democratic role they play.

Following the work on a new revenue formula, the province will work with local governments to develop a new Municipal Government Act aimed at increasing accountability, accessibility, transparency, responsiveness and efficiency.

Media Contact: Brad Chatfield
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