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January 25, 2016
For immediate release

New PEI Coastal Property Guide Now Available

Communities, Land and Environment

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A new resource is now available to potential buyers or current owners of coastal property on Prince Edward Island, says Minister of Communities, Land and Environment Robert Mitchell.

“The Prince Edward Island Coastal Property Guide provides information about the risks of living on coastal property, what is necessary to adapt to those risks, development rules and the impact climate change is having on our vulnerable coast including erosion and flooding caused by the rise in sea level,” said Minister Mitchell. “Our low-lying coast makes us particularly susceptible to the impacts of climate change and increases the importance of adaptation for our province. This newly developed adaptation tool will help anyone who wishes to subdivide, develop or live on coastal property on Prince Edward Island make informed decisions around coastal development.”

The Coastal Property Guide covers aspects including water wells and septic systems, watercourse and wetland protection, property insurance and much more. It also includes helpful checklists for development applications and subdivision applications.

Frequently asked questions answered in this document include:

• How are coastal properties unique?

• Are the rules for coastal properties the same everywhere?

• Can I subdivide my coastal property?

• What is the buffer zone, and how does it impact my coastal property?

• How close to the water can I build?

• How are my water and septic services impacted by the coast?

• I already have a house on the coast. Do the rules still apply?

• Is my coastal property at risk?

• What are my options for adapting to coastal risks?

• Can I insure my property against coastal risks?

• Where can I get more information?

The Prince Edward Island Coastal Property Guide is available at Access PEI sites across the province.

An online version of the resource will be available on the department’s website in March 2016.

Media Contact: Amber Nicholson
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