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The Home and School Connection

Shawna MacDonald-Wong reviews homework with her daughter Bria, 8.

Being a kid can be tough.

Learning new things, studying for tests, trying to fit in at school, growing and changing rapidly – it’s no wonder childhood anxiety is common.

Add the extra emotional stress and worry of your Mom battling Stage 3 colon cancer and it can feel very frightening.

That’s the situation Shawna MacDonald-Wong found herself trying to help her daughters Jenna, 13 and Bria, 8, through last year when she went through chemotherapy.

She is in remission now and her daughters are doing well but she wanted to help other parents help their children with childhood anxiety.

Last month West Royalty Elementary guidance counselor Wendy Gallant gave a session for parents on helping kids deal with anxiety.

It was provided as part of the PEI Home and School Federation’s Parent Leadership grants of up to $1,000 to Home and School associations to support parent engagement.

It is well known parent engagement leads to academic success.

The grants create connections between parents, schools and community services and provide parents with skills and resources to support their children’s learning at home.

In past years, these grants have supported successful projects including workshops on math, literacy and language arts, information sessions and discussions with education, post secondary education preparation, and more.

MacDonald-Wong has seen first-hand how much she and her husband Steven’s interest and participation in their daughters’ academics matters.

“Parental involvement shows kids that education is a priority in your household -- then it is more likely to be a priority for them.

“Kids model what they see.”

The deadline for grant proposals is January 30, 2015. The proposal application kit, project ideas and success stories can be found on the PEI Home and School Federation’s web site or contact Jean at 902-620-3186 / 1-800-916-0664 or email

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