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Canada's Food Island

Prince Edward Island is “Canada’s Food Island”

Our rolling hills, pristine waters, clear beaches form that idyllic picture of PEI and emotional sense of place that makes people all over the world consider its food the best, says Jeff McCourt of Glasgow Glen Farm.

“Food is about place. Our food is our biggest strength,” he said.

“It’s a big step for us, we have a viable and vibrant food industry that goes from primary product to value added. Branding all our food Prince Edward Island, brings that emotional piece into it. People remember ‘Iwent there as a kid,’ that’s going to help move our initiative forward.”

Whether it’s potatoes, shellfish, blueberries or beef, PEI delicacies are world-class and something Islanders can be proud of. That’s why Premier MacLauchlan told a crowd at the Easter Beef Show his government will strengthen its support for the Island’s fishers, farmers and food processors.

Plus, it makes good financial sense – 40 per cent of our international exports are from food processing and 10 per cent of our provincial GDP comes from processing and primary agriculture.

In the coming months, government will work with Islanders to help launch a new PEI Lean Beef, expand the Island’s capacity to hold fresh lobster by expanding old and building new facilities, partner with celebrity chef Ricardo, encourage Islanders to buy local and explore new European and Asian markets for our seafood.

Last year, the Island exported a billion dollars worth of products internationally, 40 per cent were food products, the most ever.

There are lots of new opportunities coming to Canada’s Food Island.


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