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July 10, 2014
For immediate release

Social Action Plan Progress Report outlines collaborative efforts to reduce poverty

Community Services and Seniors

The 2014 Progress Report on the Prince Edward Island Social Action Plan outlines activities of many government departments working together to strengthen supports to vulnerable Islanders, says Valerie E. Docherty, Minister of Community Services and Seniors.

“Through the Social Action Plan, government departments are working with community partners to explore ways and put into practice measures that will help to reduce poverty in our province,” said Minister Docherty.

The report outlines achievements in areas including housing, income support, early learning and education, employment supports and services, health, family supports, and social inclusion and participation.

“While we commit to continuing this important work, I also want to thank everyone who has been working to strengthen supports to make our Island a better place for all who live here,” said Minister Docherty.

Plans for year three include implementing a new seniors home care modification program, initiating an Integrated Service Delivery pilot in an Island school, reviewing asset exemptions for social assistance, increasing wages for early childhood educators, increasing minimum wages, covering supplies for children with Type 1 diabetes, and increasing rates for children in care.

This year’s report also includes measures and indicators of the social well-being of people of Prince Edward Island. To learn more about the accomplishments to date and about the above, and other plans for the third year of the Social Action Plan 2014-2015, read the report at .

Media Contact: Connie McNeill
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