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December 1, 2015
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Prince Edward Island takes part in intergovernmental meetings on Syrian Refugee Resettlement

Workforce and Advanced Learning

Prince Edward Island Minister of Workforce and Advanced Learning Richard Brown attended a meeting of federal, provincial and territorial ministers responsible for immigration today where ministers reiterated the importance of their joint commitment to begin welcoming Syrian refugees to Canada.

“These were very timely discussions that will be valuable to us as we prepare to welcome 250 refugees by the end of February, 2016,” said Minister Richard Brown. “The information on what other jurisdictions are doing to prepare can be shared by stakeholders and partners on the Island as we work together to engage local communities to warmly welcome the refugees.”

Information was also shared on several key topics including: housing, language training, health needs and community orientation.

Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee also had the opportunity to take part in the meetings. “All levels of government have an important role to play in the successful integration of refugees into their host communities,” said Mayor Lee. “The meetings allowed us to bring back valuable information that Island municipalities can use.”

The first refugee families are expected to begin arriving in Prince Edward Island this month. The provincial government’s priority is to resettle these families into their new homes in the most supportive way possible as they integrate into Island communities.

Media Contact: Anne MacRae
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