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February 25, 2013
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New impaired driving laws come into effect

Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal

All drivers convicted of impaired driving in Prince Edward Island will now be required to install an ignition interlock device on their vehicles, says Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Minister Robert Vessey.

“The message to impaired drivers is clear – driving after drinking or taking drugs is a senseless crime that will not be excused,” said the minister. “Requiring all offenders to have an ignition interlock system will help keep impaired drivers off our roads.”

Legislation expanding the ignition interlock program to all offenders was passed last fall. The law came into effect February 23. Previously, only drivers with multiple convictions were required to install an ignition interlock.

The law outlines minimum time frames for how long the device must remain installed: one year for the first offence, two years for the second offence, and five years for the third offence. An additional year is added if a child is in the vehicle at the time of the offense. Offenders are required to cover the costs associated with the device.

The new law also means impaired drivers can lose their vehicles for longer. Vehicles can now be impounded for up to six months, rather than the previous maximum of 60 days. Offenders would also face daily impoundment fees charged by the storage lots.

Media Contact: Mary Moszynski
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