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Efficiency PEI

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Commercial Energy Audit Program

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Efficiency PEI provides financial incentives to help you obtain an energy evaulation of your existing commercial building so you can make the right decisions to improve your businesses energy efficiency.

Efficiency PEI Commercial Energy Audit Program Information Sheet

Efficiency PEI Commercial Energy Audit Program Application Form


Download an application form and complete and submit it to efficiency PEI.  You will receive a letter from efficiency PEI advising you of your next step to complete the application process.

Steps to Completion:

  1. Contact the Energy Management Service Provider to schedule an energy audit of your building*. To date, the following Energy Management Service Providers have been active partners registered with NRCan . Submit an Energy Audit Assistance application form complete with the paid invoice to receive the Provincial Governments audit assistance as indicated above.
    • exp Services Inc------------------------------------------Ph: 506-858-1300
    • Kevin Kelly-------------------------------------------------Ph: 902-836-5525
    • Coles Associates-----------------------------------------Ph: 902-368-2300
    • I. B. Storey------------------------------------------------Ph: 902-367-3545
    • MCA Consultants Inc.-----------------------------------Ph: 902-566-9223
    • Richardson And Associates----------------------------Ph: 902-566-9223
    • Homecheck o/a HouseMaster Inspections----------Ph: 902-436-3248
    • WSP Canada Inc.----------------------------------------Ph: 902-566-9966
    • Capital Management Engineering Limited ----------Ph: 506-260-5363
    • Orange Door Engineering -----------------------------Ph: 902-388-7685
    • ThermalWise ---------------------------------------------Ph: 902-407-9276


  1. Have your Energy Management Service Provider submit the detailed energy audit (including a minimum of 12 months of historical utility data) to efficiency PEI.
  2. Provide a copy of the paid Invoice
  3. Receive a rebate on the energy audit from efficiency PEI.

*Cost to hire an Energy Management Service Provider will vary by building type, size, and complexity. Discuss your building with one or more Energy Management Service Providers.



  • You must provide a minimum of 12 months of historical utility data for your building. The preference is to have 36 months of data.
  • You must have an energy audit conducted by an Energy Management Service Provider registered with Natural Resources Canada. (Please refer to the directory of energy management service providers listed above.)
  • You must agree to grant efficiency PEI permission to access future utility data upon written request.




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