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Office of Energy Efficiency

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Residential Energy Efficiency Program

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The PEI Energy Efficiency Program is an incentive program for residential property owners who wish to  upgrade the energy efficiency of their properties.  It consists of a grant program to assist with the implementation of eligible upgrades.

PEI Energy Efficiency Application Package

PEI Energy Efficiency Upgrade List




As a residential property owner, select the upgrades you want to implement from the above list.  Then, apply to the PEI Energy Efficiency Grant Program. Your application must be approved before starting any work.  An inspection prior to work starting and after work is complete will also be required. You will have 6 months to complete the upgrades indicated.

Maximum grants are tied to the property identified on the application and is applied to any future applications for that property regardless of any change of ownership.

Steps to Completion:


      Step 1:

      ·         Complete and submit your Application, Declaration and provide written quote(s) from your contractor(s) and/or material supplier(s), an electric/utility bill showing previous year’s consumption and any other supporting documentation required as identified on the application.


      ·         If you print your application form at home, please ensure that all sections print out.  Applications that are missing sections will not be accepted. Applicants must have their signature witnessed by Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) staff or Access PEI staff.  You will be required to provide government issued photo identification at the time of signing your application.


      ·         Incomplete applications which are received by the OEE will be returned to the client by regular mail.  Estimates must include the manufacturers name and complete model numbers for all materials and equipment being installed.


      Step 2: Once your application and quote(s) are reviewed you will be contacted to book your “Pre-Inspection”.


      Step 3:  Have a “Pre-inspection” completed.


      Step 4:  Once application with quote(s) is approved and “Pre-Inspection” has been completed a “Letter of Acceptance” will be issued. As stated in the Declaration which all clients must sign, work may not begin until they have received approval in writing.  Approval in writing will not be given until a pre-inspection has been completed.


      Step 5:  Once you receive your “Letter of Acceptance” you may complete your work.


      Step 6:  Submit the original copy of paid receipt(s) from contractor(s) and/or material supplier(s).  Ensure work not covered under program is not included or is priced separately on paid receipt(s).  Ensure description of work is included and detailed on paid receipt(s).


      Step 7: Once your paid receipt(s) have been received and reviewed you will be contacted by the OEE to book an appointment for a “Post-Inspection” and have it completed. This must be completed within the 6 month deadline noted on your “Letter of Acceptance.”



Other programs available include the Home Energy Low-Income Program for low income applicants.

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