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Personnel files

This series includes numerous files pertaining to teachers employed by the Board of School Trustees of Charlottetown, and individual school districts. This series is divided into the following sub-series: salary and staffing records and individu...

Salary and staffing records

This sub-series includes letters of application, referral, resignation and termination of employment as well as payroll lists, and contracts regarding the employees of the Board of School Trustees of Charlottetown, and various rural school distric...

Individual personnel files

This sub-series consists of individual personnel files of teachers and staff of the Board of School Trustees of Charlottetown. Files include records of employment, sick leave, correspondence, and curricula vitae.

Financial records

This series consists of 9 files largely of financial statements, budgets, and accounts. This series also includes a ledger of the Charlottetown Teacher's Pension System, 1924-1950 which began in 1924 as per Chapter 13 of the 1924 School Act....

Superintendent's reports

This series consists of 4 files of reports of Superintendent Kenneth A. Parker. Annual and some monthly reports are included providing student enrollment statistics, administrative decisions, staff changes and financial information.

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