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St. Peter's Bay (P.E.I.) 1
St. Peters Bay (P.E.I.)

Use for: Untitled, Havre St. Pierre, Pogiisumkek Booktaba, Oegopeg

  • Adjacent to Gulf of St. Lawrence, Lots 39, 40, and 41. Named by Louis Denys de la Ronde, 1721 havre St. Pierre for Comte de St. Peirre, equerry to the Duchess of Orleans at the French Court. De la Ronds obtainied a grant of PEI in 1719 and 1720 and formed a company to develop it. The enterprize was abandoned in 1724. Map 1750 Riviere Ronton; Jumeau 1685 R. S. Antoine de pade. In Micmac Pogiisumkek Booktaba 'bay of clams' (Rand) or Oegopeg, 'end of the water' (Pacifique 1934). St. Peters River flows into the bay.
Stanhope (P.E.I.)

Use for: Untitled, Stanhope by the Sea

  • 12 mi N of Charlottetown in Lot 34. School district before 1880. PO 1882-1968. Also PO Stanhope by the Sea from 1961.
Strathalbyn (P.E.I.) 0
Sturgeon (P.E.I.)
  • 7 mi. SE of Montague in Lot 61
Summerfield (P.E.I.)
  • 5 mi. SE of Kensington in Lot 67. Named by Peter Sinclair c 1840 for the family farm in Argyllshire, Scotland
Summerside (P.E.I.)

Use for: Untitled, Greens Shore Bedeque (P.E.I.)

  • Town incoporated 1877. Seat of Prince County from 1876. PO from c1852. Named for Summerside House established by Joseph Green 1840, itself suggested by Major Harry Compton who described the site as the sunny side of the island. Lake 1863 notes 'Town Commenced in 1852'. Formerly known as Greens Shore Bedeque.
Summerville (P.E.I.)

Use for: Untitled, Town Road

  • 6 mi NW of Montague in Lots 51 and 66. Named by Peter J. D. Edmonds 1867 and approved at a public meeting. Formerly called Town Road. PO 1867-1967.
Tignish (P.E.I.)
  • Village incorporated 1952 in Lot 1
Tracadie Cross (P.E.I.)

Use for: Untitled, Noobogunech

  • 5 mi W of Mount Stewart in Lot 36. PO 1871-1968. Near here was a Micmac place called Noobogunech.
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