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New Perth (P.E.I.)

Use for: Sans titre, New Perth West

  • 4 mi. NW of Montague in Lots 51 and 52. Settled 1803 or 1808 from Perth, Scotland?
Crossroads (P.E.I.)

Use for: Sans titre, Cross Roads (P.E.I.), Newton (P.E.I.)

  • 2 miles South East of Charlottetown where the Old Georgetown Road (now Trans-Canada Highway) and the Georgetown Road leading South over Tea Hill met. P.O. Lot 48 1888-1905; P.O. Cross Roads Lot 48 1905-1906; P.O. Lot 48 1906-1907; P.O. Hillsboro Lot 48 1907-1916.
Egmont Bay (P.E.I.) 0
Fort Augustus (P.E.I.)

Use for: Sans titre, Five Houses

  • 5 mi SW of Mount Stewart in Lot 36. Named by Father John Macdonald, probably for Fort Augustus, Inverness, Scotland. Formerly called Five Houses. PO c. 1853-1966
Princetown Road (P.E.I.)
  • Post Office: 1856-1897; at Brookfield, Lots 23, 24, 67
Rustico (P.E.I.)
  • An area name for the N. half of Lot 24
Souris (P.E.I.)

Use for: Sans titre, Grand Haven, Mouse Harbour, Red Cliffs, Colville Bay

  • Town incorporated 1910. PO c1830-1867 and from 1967; PO Souris East 1867-1967. Named New Bristol by John Cambridge in 1820. Formerly known as Grand Haven, Mouse Harbour, Red Cliffs, and Colville Bay.
Southport (P.E.I.)

Use for: Sans titre, Stratford (P.E.I.), Glen Stewart (P.E.I.), Hopetown (P.E.I.)

  • Community on south side of Hillsborough River opposite Charlottetown. PO 1860-1967. Also know as Hillsborough Ferry, Charlottetown Ferry, Stratford, Glen Stewart, and Hopetown.
Lennox Island (P.E.I.) 1
Lorne Valley (P.E.I.)

Use for: Sans titre, Pisquid Road Back Settlement

  • 4 mi. Nw of Cardigan in Lot 52. Namned in 1878 for a place in Argyllshire, Scotland owned by the Marquess of Lorne, Governor General of Canada. PO 1896-1914. Formerly called Pisquid Road Back Settlement
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