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Vernon River (P.E.I.)
  • 10 mi. NW of Montague in Lots 49 and 50. PO 1827-1969
Milton (P.E.I.)

Use for: Sans titre, Milton Station, Lower Milton

  • 6 miles NW of Charlottetown in Lot 32. PO Milton Station 1878-1969, school district known as Lower Milton
Lot 8 (P.E.I.)
  • One of the Lots or townships laid out by Samuel Holland.
New London (P.E.I.)
  • Northern parts of Lots 20 and 21 with PO 1827-1969 at Clifton in Lot 21. Named by robert Clark 1773 for a port at French River in then Grenville Bay, now New London Bay.
Abrams Village (P.E.I.)

Use for: Sans titre, Abraham's Village, Abram Village

  • 14 mi. W of Summerside. PO 1880-1918. Named for Abraham Arsenault, first settler of Lot 15. Noted as early as 1829 as Abraham's Village. Douglas 1925 Abram Village
Anglo Rustico (P.E.I.)
  • 2 miles South East of North Rustico in Lot 24. English-speaking community in a predominantly Francophone district. School district c.1859. Angle Park is located there.
Bedeque (P.E.I.)

Use for: Sans titre, Hooper's Corner, Centreville

  • 5 mi. SE of summerside in Lot 26. PO from 1827. Meacham's atlas, 1880 has Centreville with Bedeque PO. Formerly called Hooper's Corner
Bideford (P.E.I.) 0
Bonshaw (P.E.I.)
  • Bonshaw, Prince Edward Island, is located 8 miles south east of Crapaud. It was named by W. W. Irving who came from near Bonshaw Tower, Dumfries, Scotland.
Boston (MA) 0
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