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Cascumpec (P.E.I.)

Use for: Sans titre, Alexandria, Oyster Creek, Williams Town, French Village

  • 5 mi. SE of Alberton on what was once Cascumpec Road, Lots 5 and 6. School distrcit was Oyster Creek which became Alexandria c 1895. PO Lot 6 1862-1914. Also known as Williams Town (1821) and French Village (1851)
Clyde River (P.E.I.)

Use for: Sans titre, Dog River Settlement

  • Community 6 mi. W of Charlottetown in Lot 31. Formerly called Dog River Settlement
Glenwood (P.E.I.)

Use for: Sans titre, Woodridge

  • 6 mi. SW of O'Leary in Lot 8. Selected for school 1898; formerly called Peirre jacques. PO Lot 8 c 1843-1853 and 1863-1904.
Green Meadows (P.E.I.)

Use for: Sans titre, Sinnott's Road (P.E.I.), Morell Rear (P.E.I.)

  • 4 miles South West of Morell in Lot 39. Given c.1960 by Father Simpson and the sister who taught at the school when the Morell Rear and Sinnot Road schools were amalgameted. P.O. Morell Rear c.1871-1916; P.O. Sinnott's Road 1898-1912.
Hazel Grove (P.E.I.) 1
Hunter River (P.E.I.)

Use for: Sans titre, Hunter's River

  • In lot 23; Post office: Hunter's River, c1901-1967
Rosebank (P.E.I.)
  • 5 miles West of Alberton in Lot 4. School district 1894. PO 1905-1913.
York (P.E.I.)
  • 6 mi. NE of Charlottetown in Lot 34. First called Little York with first reference to York in 1879. Settled from Yorkshire, England.
Margate (P.E.I.)
  • 3 mi. NE of Kensington in Lot 19. Named by a man called Smith from margate, England, c. 1790. PO 1869-1948
Scotchfort (P.E.I.)

Use for: Sans titre, Belair, St. Louis-du-Nord-Est, Sgemagen

  • 3 mi. W of Mount Stewart in Lot 36. Named by Scottish settlers brought out by Capt. John Macdonald 1772. From 1744 to 1753 known as Belair. Also known as St-Louis-du-Nord-Est. In Micmac Sgemagen (
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