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Leader Opportunities

You may think 4-H is all about helping kids become leaders, but there are lots of opportunities for adults to develop and hone their leadership skills, for the benefit of 4-H and their communities.

Serve as a director on a district council or the Provincial Council

Are you interested in contributing to the future vision and direction of the 4-H program on PEI? The PEI District Councils run different social events to help members and leaders get to know 4-Hers outside of their club. Districts also host workshop and training days, like judging clinics and executive training workshops.

Directors on the PEI 4-H Council are nominated to the provincial board from the district level.

Attend a 4-H Leader Conference

Atlantic Leaders Conference is held every three years. Enjoy networking with 4-H volunteers from across the region, attend interesting workshops and learn more about your favourite organization... oh, and there will be lots of fun too!

National Leaders Conference
February 20-23, 2014, Ottawa
Learn more about 4-H across the country, while participating in workshops and discussions about 4-H at the project, club, and board levels.

Attend the PEI 4-H Leader Development & Appreciation Night

Every November, the PEI 4-H Council hosts a leader appreciation night and workshop event. Join fellow PEI 4-H Leaders for an evening of fun and learning while enjoying supper, door prizes, and getting caught up on current 4-H news!

Open to leaders and senior 4-H members. To register, please fill out and return the bottom section of the invitation flyer!

Chaperone a 4-H member event

Who says kids get to have all the fun? Help out at a 4-H PEI fun day or conference and have some fun while ensuring participants have a safe and fantastic time. Get the 4-H camp/conference experience you never had (or now miss), while contributing your own energy, enthusiasm and knowledge.

Prior to the opportunity, chaperones will be provided with an overview of the program and its activities. All supplies and instructions are provided for the activities however chaperones are encouraged to use their unique talents to enhance the activities and programs.  Chaperones are a minimum of 25 years old for all overnight 4-H events, and a minimum of 3 years older than the oldest participant for all day programs.
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