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Risk Management

Effective 4-H Clubs are Active 4-H  groups. 4-H leaders and clubs should be actively engaged in a variety of activities and events. That's what learning to do by doing is all about. That said, doing things as we learn them can come with a set of risks. In order to ensure that our most critical assets - our 4-H members - are safe, we need to manage those risks.

Risk Management combines the words “risk” and “management”.

Risk is the probability or chance of loss – this could be loss of reputation or financial. Management is planning, organizing, directing and controlling resources and activities of an organization in order to fulfill its objectives. Risk Management is used to minimize the adverse effects that accidental losses might have upon an organization.

The primary goals of Risk Management are:
1. Prevention
2. Minimize Harm
3. Reduce Liability

When planning events, please put some thought into the risk prevention and minimization. For tips and tools on Risk Management, refer to 4-H Canada's Risk Management Manual.

Incident Reports

Regardless of best intentions, accidents do and will happen. When they do, please complete and submit an Incident Report to the 4-H.

Sometimes people wonder, "does this warrent a report"? If you had to ask the question, then you should complete the form below.


4-H Incident Report Form

*Printable version of this form [22 KB PDF File]

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