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Food Series

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Foods & You 1
It’s important to know where your food comes from, what the nutritional content is and how to shop for food wisely. Learn about the basics of the kitchen, and start the path to being a star chef!

Food & You 1 - Member Guide

Foods & You 1 - Leaders Guide

Foods & You Dairy
Say Cheese! You will learn why dairy products and dairy substitutes are an important component of our diet, how they’re made and how to cook and prepare foods containing these delicious items. Of course, taste-testing is a must in this project.

Food & You - Dairy - Member Guide

Foods & You Fruits and Veggies

There’s a reason your parents told you to eat your fruits and veggies!! In this project you will learn why fruits and veggies are vital to a healthy diet.  You will also learn how to prepare some delicious, and nutritious, fruit and veggie foods. Don't forget to seek out locally produced goodies, right here on PEI!

Food & You - Fruit and Veggies - Member Guide

Foods & You - Fruit and Veggies - Leaders Guide

Foods & You Breads
Nothing is quite as good as a fresh homemade roll. Learn all about bread making and cereals in this project!

Food & You - Breads and Cereals - Member Guide

Foods & You - Breads and Cereals - Leaders' Guide

Foods Across Canada
Take your taste buds on a trip across the country, and explore food staples native to other Canadian provinces. From tasty seafood in the East to delectible bison in the west, one thing Canada does well is food.

Foods Across Canada - Member Guide

Foods Across Canada Recipe Book

Just because you're in a rush, doesn't mean your health needs to suffer. These projects provide healthy and quick meal choices that are sure to satisfy your hunger and stay within your time restrictions.

Simiple Microwaving - Member Guide

Microwaving with Island Foods - Member Guide

Power Foods

Can you feel the power? This project focuses on working with high protein foods including nuts, eggs, meats and fish.

Power Foods - Member Guide


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