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Cloverbuds represent the 6-8 year olds, previously not recognized as formal PEI 4-H members. Because of their age, they will be treated a little differently from other members.

  • Cloverbuds will be registered as regular 4-H members.
  • It is strongly recommended that parents of Cloverbuds be prepared to stay at club and project meetings, unless otherwise discussed with volunteer leader.
  • To alleviate problems arising in 4-H competition, cloverbuds will not compete in district or provincial competitions. They will be permitted to participate in district and provincial events and programs at the discretion of the district and province.
  • For safety issues, cloverbuds are discouraged from participating in large animal projects.
  • It is up to Cloverbuds and their 4-H club/leaders to decide which facets of the 4-H year a Cloverbud is required to complete. They should be encouraged to complete the normal parts of the 4-H year including the communications, community, agricultural awareness, and their project, however a Cloverbud is not required to complete all facets. The club/leader is also not required to offer all facets.
  • Cloverbuds who participate in the communications project will receive the regular communications certificate.
  • It has been common practice that Cloverbud members be given an ‘A’ seal for their communications project, so as to encourage them in future communications projects.
  • Cloverbuds will receive a certificate of achievement for the Cloverbud project at their club’s achievement day. The member will receive a tan ‘Cloverbud Project’ ribbon for their work. They will not receive other project certificates or ribbons.
  • The project of their choice may go onto exhibitions, and will be displayed with a special, orange “Cloverbud Special Award” ribbon.
  • Cloverbud members will receive the same monetary prize as Exploring 4-H members, at each of the various exhibitions.

 Additional Cloverbud resources available at the PEI 4-H Office


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