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Prince Edward Island: PlaceFinder Mont-Carmel, Prince Edward Island

Mont-Carmel, an unincorporated area, is located in Prince County in the western portion of Prince Edward Island, SW. of Wellington. Its precise location is N 4624', W 6402'.

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Our Visitors Guide is a complete vacation planning manual.

The Geography of Mont-Carmel


You can use our interactive maps to display maps of Mont-Carmel and area.

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Real Estate for Sale

The following residential and commercial real estate and vacant land is currently listed in the Prince Edward Island MLS system, operated independently by the PEI Real Estate Association. Select any property and click More Information to see the listing from the MLS website, provided by the realtor. For more real estate information, see our interactive real estate map for Mont-Carmel.

Please note that while the Government of Prince Edward Island and the PEI Real Estate Association have used their best efforts to ensure the accuracy and reliability of this information, it is provided as a general reference only. The Government of Prince Edward Island and the PEI Real Estate Association assume no responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of the information generated.

Statistical Information

Mont-Carmel falls inside the Statistics Canada census subdivision of Lot 15. They have detailed statistical information available for the Lot 15 census subdivision for the following categories: Education,Ethnicity,Family,Income,Labour Force,Population, and Shelter.

Information courtesy Statistics Canada.

History of the Name

The official history of the geographic name Mont-Carmel (which can be somewhat technical, we admit):

Fifteen Point (NOT Mount Carmel) (Sett.) was adopted in Place Names of PEI, 1925.Changed to Mount Carmel (Sett.) 2 August 1944 on 11l/5. Status changed to Locality 23 October 1989 on 203-8.Called Mount Carmel after the R.C. church there.Fifteen Point (P.O.) became Mount Carmel (P.O.) in 1898.Post office closed 15 August 1914.- PN of PEI, 1925 and R.C. priest, P.P. Arsenault, 1905 (on James White letter on21I/8).

Information courtesy Geomatics Canada .

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