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Prince Edward Island: PlaceFinder Borden-Carleton, Prince Edward Island

Borden-Carleton, a village, is located in Prince County in the western portion of Prince Edward Island, SE. of Summerside. Its precise location is N 4615', W 6340'.

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Municipal Government Information

The Town was incorporated in 2012 and has a population of 750.

Telephone: (902) 437-2225
Facsimile: (902) 437-2610
Address: PO Box 89, 167 Industrial Drive, Borden-Carleton, PE, C0B 1X0
Meetings: Second Tuesday of the month 7:00 p.m. 167 Industrial Drive This information is subject to change. Please contact the municipality to confirm the meeting time and location. The municipality of Borden-Carleton was incorporated in 1995.
Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.; Summer Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Aerial Photographs

Aerial photography courtesy of AirScapes. All aerial photographs are available for sale, as prints or slides; please contact AirScapes for details. You can also see a complete list of aerial photographs of the Island.

Confederation Bridge

Confederation Bridge
500 x 360 - 29K
711 x 512 - 66K
Carleton Motel

Carleton Motel
710 x 502 - 63K
500 x 353 - 67K
McCain Foods

McCain Foods
500 x 358 - 38K
711 x 510 - 83K
Confederation Bridge

Confederation Bridge
500 x 367 - 33K
708 x 520 - 51K

MORE AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS... there are 8 aerial photographs of Borden-Carleton in our Aerial Photo Gallery.

Community Photographs

Our community photographs collection includes selected photos of schools, churches, parks, and other public buildings, areas and events. .

Confederation Bridge

Confederation Bridge
Credit: 2002 Jessica Strains, Illinois, USA
500 x 312 - 32K
852 x 533 - 44K
Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick side.

Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick side.
Credit: (c) 2003 Patricia O'Brien
498 x 375 - 45K
1020 x 768 - 112K
Waterspout over Confederation Bridge

Waterspout over Confederation Bridge
Credit: 2004 Misty and Luc Giroux, Ottawa, Ont
500 x 371 - 39K
1024 x 760 - 80K
Waterspout over Confederation Bridge

Waterspout over Confederation Bridge
Credit: 2004 Misty and Luc Giroux, Ottawa, Ont
500 x 371 - 36K
1024 x 760 - 75K

Visitors Guide Listings

Our Visitors Guide is a complete vacation planning manual.

The Geography of Borden-Carleton


You can use our interactive maps to display maps of Borden-Carleton and area.

Click on the map link: Show Map

Driving Distances and Times

To find driving distances and times from other locations, consult the distance chart for Borden-Carleton.

Statistical Information

The PEI Community Accounts has information about Borden-Carleton.   Community Accounts provides a comprensive source of community, regional, and provincial data on social, environmental and economic topics

Information courtesy of Community Accounts

Borden-Carleton falls inside the Statistics Canada census subdivision of Borden-Carleton. They have detailed statistical information available for the Borden-Carleton census subdivision for the following categories: Education,Ethnicity,Family,Income,Labour Force,Population, and Shelter.

Information courtesy Statistics Canada.

History of the Name

The official history of the geographic name Borden-Carleton (which can be somewhat technical, we admit):

Borden-Carleton (Community) was established 12 April 1995 by Executive Council O rder EC 269/95. Confirmed 29 May 1996 on 11 L/5. Composed of the Localities of Borden, Carleton Siding, and Carleton.

Information courtesy Geomatics Canada .

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