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Prince Edward Island: PlaceFinder Kildare Capes, Prince Edward Island

Kildare Capes, a cape, is located in Prince County in the western portion of Prince Edward Island, S. of North Point. Its precise location is N 4654', W 6359'.

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The Geography of Kildare Capes


You can use our interactive maps to display maps of Kildare Capes and area.

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Statistical Information

Kildare Capes falls inside the Statistics Canada census subdivision of Lot 3. They have detailed statistical information available for the Lot 3 census subdivision for the following categories: Education,Ethnicity,Family,Income,Labour Force,Population, and Shelter.

Information courtesy Statistics Canada.

History of the Name

The official history of the geographic name Kildare Capes (which can be somewhat technical, we admit):

Kildare Capes appears on 11L/13, which is published as part of 21I/16. Kildare Capes consists of two points at latitudes 47 53 and 47 55. Not to be confused with Cape Kildare, also at 47 53.

Information courtesy Geomatics Canada .

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