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The Council of the Federation Literacy Award

The Council of the Federation Literacy Award

Literacy skills are the essential building blocks for the development of a vibrant society and economy. These foundation skills are embedded in activities in the home, school, community and workplace. There is a continuum of development ranging from learning to read through to reading to learn a variety of other skills and perspectives on life. The end of this continuum is the complex set of skills necessary for daily life, employment, citizenship, and personal advancement and enjoyment in our modern and diverse society. Today, the broad definition of literacy includes a variety of skills: reading text, document use, writing, oral communications, numeracy, thinking skills, computer use, working with others and continuous learning.

It is clear that Canada's provinces and territories are repositories of innovative principles, practices and programs that reflect the very highest ideals in literacy best practices, and serve the varying needs of many different types of learners.

The Council of the Federation (established in 2003 by the 13 Premiers in Canada to acknowledge the leadership role provinces and territories play in revitalizing the Canadian federation) has identified a number of key initiatives of importance to Canadians, one of which is literacy. In order to bring recognition to achievements in literacy in every province and territory, Premiers, in July 2004, agreed to create a Council of the Federation Literacy Award. The award will recognize outstanding achievement, innovative practice and excellence in literacy. Beginning in 2005, 13 Council of the Federation Literacy medallions will be presented annually, one for each province and territory. The Council of the Federation Literacy Award will cover the entire spectrum of the field, including family, Aboriginal, health, workplace and community literacy and will be given to recognize the excellence of educators, volunteers, learners, and community organizations (including non-governmental organizations) and businesses in each province and territory.

Nominations for 2014 must be postmarked by June 13.


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