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Francis Longworth Haszard
Premier from 1908 to 1911

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FRANCIS LONGWORTH HASZARD WAS BORN on his family's homestead at Bellevue, Lot 49, Prince Edward Island on November 20, 1849. The Haszard family had moved to Prince Edward Island following the American Revolution as United Empire Loyalists, leaving their home in Rhode Island for a grant of land in this province. Young Francis Haszard received his early education at the local school and then went on to Prince of Wales College in Charlottetown. He then studied law with his uncle, John Longworth, and he was called to the Bar of Prince Edward Island in 1872.
Francis Haszard set up a law practice in Charlottetown and for a time he was a partner of L.H. Davies who also became a Premier of Prince Edward Island.
During the period from 1893 to 1900, Haszard was magistrate and recorder for the city of Charlottetown. He entered Provincial politics in 1904 winning election as a representative of the Belfast District.
Following the death of Premier Arthur Peters early in 1908, Haszard became the tenth Premier of the Province, leading the Liberal majority in the House. Premier Haszard also held the portfolio of Attorney-General until May 16, 1911, when he was appointed Master of Rolls and Judge of the Supreme Court. He retired from the bench on May 9, 1930.
During his term of office, Premier Haszard was forced to be cautious with his legislative program as both parties were of almost equal strength in the House. At this particular time the representation and subsidy questions with the Federal Government in Ottawa had not been settled and Premier Haszard represented this province at the Maritime and Inter-provincial Conferences in 1910.
Although a lawyer by profession, Premier Haszard maintained a deep interest in agriculture and maintained a farm at Bellevue. He was a Director of the Charlottetown Driving Park and served as president of the Prince Edward Island Exhibition Association in 1907 and 1908. Premier Haszard was also an active supporter of the Red Cross and at the outbreak of World War I, he reorganized the local society. He served as head of the Red Cross Society for a number of years and prior to his death on July 25, 1938, he had been named honorary president of the Red Cross Society.
Francis Longworth Haszard is buried in the Sherwood Cemetery in Charlottetown.

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