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Classification Review Process

A classification review of a position can be requested by an employer, a permanent employee, or other eligible employee as designated by the Public Service Commission. It is important to note that the classification is for the position and not the person in the position.

To initiate the process, a permanent employee completes a position questionnaire. The questionnaire and guide are available on the intranet, from the human resource managers in the departments, or from the Public Service Commission. It is important to complete the questionnaire appropriately ensuring that changes to the position are highlighted in section 29 of the questionnaire. It is important that time is given to completing a questionnaire that appropriately describes the position's role in the organization. The questionnaire is reviewed by the supervisor, human resource manager, and deputy minister prior to sending it to the Commission. When authorizing the position questionnaire, the supervisor and the deputy are concurring that the information is accurate and complete.

Upon receipt of the position questionnaire, the Commission will forward an acknowledgement e-mail to the employee.  Generally, the date the position questionnaire is signed by supervisor is the effective date of the review.  However, the employee should consult their respective collective agreeement to confirm. The classification consultant assigned to the review will review the documentation on file, will review comparable positions, and may communicate with the employee and the department to get a true sense of the position and its place in the organization. The focus of the review will be to identify changes that have occurred in the position that may affect the classification ratings. The facts gathered will allow the consultant to evaluate the position using the Job Evaluation System described in the next section.

In the case of a permanent position, once the review has been completed and appropriate ratings have been assigned to the position, a preliminary decision is forwarded to the department for approval. The employee is notified by mail when the decision is finalized. The letter to the employee includes the classification decision, step, salary range, and effective date. It also provides information on the appeal process.

A review of a temporary position would be requested by the department, and when a review of this type of position is completed, a memorandum would be forwarded to the department with the decision of the classification review.

If the position is reclassified to a higher level and the employee in the position is qualified and satisfactorily performs the duties of the position, the employee may be promoted effective the date the review was sent to the Commission. If the department feels that the employee has been performing the duties prior to the effective date, the employer may request an earlier effective date. It shall not be more than 60 working days retroactive to the date the request was submitted to the Commission.

It should be noted that a position may be reviewed and the position classification may be lowered as a result of changes in the duties and responsibilities. Procedures for red circling are outlined in the Civil Service Act Regulations, Part V.


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