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Corporate Development and Training Policy

This corporate Development and Training policy was developed jointly by union and management. Article 42 of the Collective Agreement states,"Notwithstanding individual departmental funding of training, the Employer shall make an annual contribution to the Development and Training Fund." This policy is intended to enhance learning opportunities for all employees through a corporate approach but not replace departmental training budgets.

The Corporate Human Resource Strategy for the Prince Edward Island Civil Service articulates the employer's commitment to being a learning organization and creating continuous learning opportunities for its employees. This fund is a vehicle which will allow this commitment to be fulfilled.

The Union of Public Sector Employees recognizes that learning is a continuous activity that must be an essential part of government's human resource strategy. With this objective in mind, the policy strives to put in place additional opportunities for individuals to continually upgrade and improve their capabilities. The Development and Training Fund is designed to encourage employee participation, benefit career development and improve government service delivery to the citizens of this province.

The Intent of the Policy
  • To provide access to learning opportunities for employees
  • To encourage continuous learning
  • To complement and not replace existing department training and development funds
  • To enhance employees capacity to deliver quality service to the public
  • To prepare employees for changing roles within the Public Service
  • To provide equitable opportunity for development and training throughout the Public Service

  • Employee: Classified employees and temporary employees appointed through the Public Service Commission competition process who are members of the Union of Public Sector Employees and who work in the departments of government, Liquor Control Commission, Auditor General's Office, PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation and the Employment Development Agency.
  • Employer: The Province of Prince Edward Island.
  • Performance Development Plan (PD Plan): A method of relating the work of the employee to the strategic direction of the organization; establishing a work plan with specific goals for the employee; providing career and professional development of the employee and reviewing and providing feedback on employee performance.
  • Development: Skills to focus on growth and potential for future application.
  • Training: Skills required to better perform the current job responsibilities.

Roles and Responsibilities
Learning is a shared responsibility between the individual and the organization. There is a mutual obligation - an obligation on the part of employees to take charge of their own professional development and training and an obligation on the part of the organization to offer an environment that is conducive to learning.

Individuals must commit to learning by being willing:
  • to learn and to continually upgrade and improve their capabilities;
  • to invest time and energy in learning and in integrating learning into their everyday approach to work; and,
  • to apply their learning and share it with others.

Departments and agencies must ensure that:
  • employees are provided with the development, training and learning opportunities to fulfill the organization's mission and job requirements;
  • employees have up-to-date Performance Development Plans; and,
  • opportunities for development and training are accessible and equitable for all employees.
The Employer must be committed:
  • to developing and nurturing a service-wide learning culture that promotes and rewards investments in learning.

The Union must be committed:
  • to ensure that opportunities for development and training are accessible and equitable for all employees;
  • to promote and foster development and training;
  • to encourage employees to take advantage of the additional opportunities within this policy; and,
  • monitor and assess this policy and cooperatively advocate, as an equal partner, for change where necessary.

The Development and Training Fund Selection Committee will:
  • fulfill the requirements of Article 41 of the Collective Agreement; 
  • consist of one (1) member and one (1) atlernate member appointed by the Union, one (1) member and one (1) alternate member appointed by the Employer and a mutually agreeable Chair and Aternate Chair;
  • establich policies and procedures to administer the fund in a fair and equitable manner;
  • plan and administer the fund;
  • meet monthly to evaluate applications and make decisions;
  • retain records of all applications and decisions;
  • provide all employees with information on the policy;
  • provide information to be published in the annual report;
  • monitor the use of the policy and make admendments as required. 

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