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October 2014

Public Service Matters

Public Service Matters is a monthly newsletter produced by Communications PEI to keep provincial government employees informed on facts, news and history of the public service in Prince Edward Island.

A juggling act

Vanessa and Justin Muttart are busy public servants.

Like many young families, they try to balance school and work, child care and hockey, family dinners and homework.

Their two young children, Nathan, 6 and Paige, 4 get dropped off first thing every morning as the Muttart family van heads to the PAB for a day’s work. Vanessa works as an administrative assistant for Parks and Justin is an IT Consultant.

“It does take a lot of planning the night before, the lunches have to be made, the bags packed. Having a good bedtime is huge for the morning,” Vanessa explains.

The fall is a very busy time of transition for most of us. As seasons change so do our lives as we return to the routine of work, school, and daily life after being on vacation. Stress is an inevitable part of being a parent and an employee. As much as we try to prevent and manage stress, we also need to learn to relieve it.

Take time for your Life - Be active - Live. Take time to experience the world around you and appreciate your relationships. See movies, read books, watch sports and squeeze in the activities you enjoy.

If you find yourself juggling life and feeling off balance, you may want to call your Employee Assistance Program where you can receive Confidential Assistance with Life’s Challenges.

How to reach EAP
Telephone: 902-368-5738
Toll free: 1-800-239-3826


Work/Life Balance tips as ideas to manage your home and family life more effectively...

  • Schedule time for exercise and leisure
  • Have lots of back-up care for your children
  • Cook two or three meals simultaneously
  • Trade off with spouse on weekends to have some time for yourself
  • Train children when they are young to do things for themselves
  • Get things ready the night before, get kids to bed on time, and go to bed at a reasonable time
  • Review and update your calendar once a week, preferably Sunday night so you can make necessary preparations and adjustments
  • Think before you say yes when someone asks you to do something
  • Seek out some form of spiritual activity so you can be reflective

New provincial comptroller

Gordon MacFadyen’s office door on second floor Shaw looks more like the entrance to a kindergarten class than the office of the man charged with producing the public accounts of the province.His daughter made his greeting signs when she was in elementary school – they still hang on his door to brighten up the otherwise standard government neutral office, even though she is now a high school student.

It’s a welcoming lighthearted entrance to the space of the man with responsibility for the government's financial statements.

MacFadyen is a chartered professional accountant with lots of experience in all three levels of government.

He is a volunteer firefighter and curler and lives in Summerside with his wife Shelley (a nurse at PCH) and daughter Abbey. His grown son Alex is an electrician apprentice in Charlottetown.

MacFadyen feels his past work experience has culminated in the perfect job for him.

His main goal in his new role is to provide the public with timely financial statements on the business of government.

He intends to work hard with the staff of all government departments to continuously improve business processes. There are always ways to streamline, he says.

The mission of the Office of the Comptroller is to streamline accounting processes and present financial statements that are as transparent as possible to the Legislature and the Public.

Life long learning for staff

This Fall, the Public Service Commission is offering 18 different sessions on working with government.

There are sessions on Working in Government, Human Resources Administration and Management, Leadership and Management, Employee Health and Wellness as well as Business and Personal Effectiveness. Experienced government employees will be your learning facilitators for these sessions.

The Retirement Program is back this fall for employees who are within five years of retirement and would like to learn about their provincial and federal pension and information on the transition to Old Age Security. Sessions on the transition to retirement and retirement finances are also available for Civil Service employees.

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