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Government employees help lift Santa's Angels' wings

Kenny Zakem once met a 14-year-old boy who had always wanted to believe in Santa.

His Mom didn’t have money for Santa gifts so she told him early on he wasn’t real.

But he never believed her.

Last Christmas, when Zakem and his band of merrymen – and women – delivered an iPod, just what the boy had silently asked Santa for, he excitedly told his mother, “See! I told you he was real.”

Zakem, who runs Zax Café in the basement of the Shaw building, has spent the last 10 Christmas mornings delivering gifts, food, clothes and toys to less fortunate members of our community.

Next week, he and his team of about 75 Santa’s Angels, will deliver cheer to about 200 Charlottetown homes.

He says the support and generosity of the provincial government employees are a big part of making it all happen.

Through staff fundraising, 50/50 draws, light shows and filling the large bin at Zax over and over, government employees have shown huge heart.

“People are generous on this island, the group in government has been good,” Zakem said.

You can nominate someone for a visit on the website but the Angels decide randomly on visits.

Zakem said they almost always hit a home in need of a little hope.

“God will tell us where to go,” he said.

Quick Facts

  • 100% volunteer-based
  • Operates democratically in conjunction with Organizing Committee and Board of Directors
  • Based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
  • Founded in 2004 by Kenny Zakem, Father Stephen Allen, and Don Wright
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