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You've got mail

“Hey Matty!”

If you work in the PAB you’ve heard this phrase and you probably know exactly who it is.

Every day, Matt Judson, the affable mailman, pushes his cart through the labyrinth of halls and elevators in the provincial buildings in Charlottetown.

The 31-year-old Special Olympic floor hockey medalist has been delivering our mail since 2008.

His favourite part of his job?

“The people. I love meeting people and talking to them,” he says.

In his spare time he likes to go bowling, to the movies, or eat and dance at The Factory Cookhouse.

The son of Steve and Cindy Judson of Winsloe admits he still gets lost in some of the buildings. Jones and Shaw are his favourites, he likes chatting with the crew at Island Information Service.

Postal Manager Wally Somers is Matt’s supervisor.

He said Matt is good at his job because he isn’t afraid to ask questions – and because he is such a sociable person.

“Everybody knows him, it’s incredible,” he said.

The postal service is the intermediary between the provincial government and Canada Post. A hundred mail bags a day are delivered across the Islanders. The three-person staff in the basement of Shaw (Wally, Matt and Edie Robertson) sort and deliver an average of 25,000 pieces of mail a week.

“Me, Edie and Wally are a good team,” Judson said.

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