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All in a day's work

American troops were leaving Vietnam, Tony Orlando and Dawn were singing Tie a Yellow Ribbon on the radio, and Joe Griffin was a young buck leaving his family’s Emyvale farm for his first job with the PEI Government.

Forty-two years later Griffin still goes to work every day as an equipment operator in the government yard in Summerside, loading salt, sand and shale and driving a snowplow.

"I love what I do," the second-longest serving employee said this week.

"I could have retired years ago but when you love what you do, it’s hard to give it up."

At 63, he is grateful for good health, “other than a few aches and pains,” and the ability to keep working.

"Getting into the government yard was the best thing he ever did he says, where you “don’t have to deal with everybody."

Wife Sharon is an RCW at Wedgewood Manor; they live in Kensington. He likes to play bingo when he isn’t at work.

"I came from nothing. Once I got into the civil service and had a steady job, I was able to get a home, health benefits, a pension, a good life.”

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