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Government Website celebrates two decades

It was the cream of the crop when it launched 20 years ago. was Microsoft’s Pick of the Week,  in the top 5% of all web sites, named one of PC Magazine Top 1001 Web Sites, named the  Top Government Web Site in Canada by Government Computer Magazine; and Prince Edward Island was the only province to receive a 5 Star rating from CNET in 1998. launched in 1995, the same year as the NY Times website.  By comparison Google didn't launch till 1996, and the BBC didn't launch a website till 1997.

A reception was held at Zax Café recently to thank and remember the original team. They recreated a photo taken two decades ago.
The use of the Internet has exploded since early days.  No one could have predicted its evolution and impact on our daily lives. We are now living in the age of web 3.0 and is in the midst of a transformation in an effort to provide Islanders with the best access to government programs and services. Look for an update on the Web Renewal Project in a coming issue.

Members of the original web team reunited after 20 years at a recent celebration, including (back row) Darren Hatfield, Janice Thompson, Nick Grant, Carol Mayne, Peter Rukavina, (front) Teressa Peters and Carol Murphy

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