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Public Service Commission

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Want to get engaged?


The perspective and voice of Islanders is vital to effective government. Engage PEI makes it easier for Islanders to get involved in government groups that help shape public policy and government services.

The provincial government makes appointments to a number of agencies, boards and commissions.  These include councils, authorities, advisory bodies, funding bodies, professional organizations and quasi-judicial tribunals. 

Recent recruitment to the Learning Partners Advisory Council was a great Engage PEI success story.  Government received more than 100 applications from a diverse group of Islanders interested in helping reshape our public education system. 

Islanders’ best interests are served through representation from all regions of the province, as well as age groups, cultures and a strong gender balance.
"Engaging the views and opinions of Islanders is important to effective government", said Janice Pettit, Engage PEI Coordinator. "We continue to collaborate with departments and organizations to encourage diverse representation on our agencies, boards and commissions."
Engage PEI has brought more responsiveness from the public. The application process has been made easier with a new online form and posting of vacancies. Members and terms online provide a more open, accountable and transparent view for the public.

All Islanders are encouraged to consider ways in which they can contribute to the public life of our province.  

Government employees can encourage their friends, family and neighbors to check out opportunities online and submit an Engage PEI application at

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