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Description of Oral Proficiency Levels


NOVICE / Memorized Proficiency
Able to recognize and use some basic words.  Some expressions are used but they are limited to those that are learned by heart. (recycling).

BASIC / Elementary Proficiency
Able to satisfy minimum courtesy requirements and routine travel needs. Can ask and answer questions on topics very familiar to him/her. Within the scope of his/her very limited language experience, can understand simple questions and statements. Errors in pronunciation and grammar are frequent.

INTERMEDIATE / Limited Working Proficiency
Able to satisfy routine social demands and limited work requirements. Can handle with confidence, but not with facility, most social situations, casual conversations about current events, as well as work. Can handle limited work requirements. Can get the gist of most conversations and nontechnical subjects. Speaking vocabulary sufficient. Accent, though often quite faulty, is intelligible. Can usually handle elementary constructions quite accurately but does not have thorough or confident control of grammar.

ADVANCED / General Professional Proficiency
Able to speak the language with sufficient structural accuracy and vocabulary to participate in most formal and informal conversations on practical, social and professional topics. Can discuss particular interests and special fields of competence with reasonable ease. Comprehension is quite complete. Vocabulary is broad enough. Control of grammar is good.

SUPERIOR / Advanced Professional Proficiency
Able to speak the language with great structural accuracy. Can participate in all formal and informal conversations on practical, social and professional topics. The speech has a natural flow and the vocabulary is broad enough to be used in all circumstances. Comprehension is accurate and complete in most situations. The speaker may still not comprehend all colloquial expressions and regionalisms.

N.B. The "plus" notation to a level indicates that the candidate has met nearly all the criteria of the next level of proficiency.

* Levels of proficiency established by the Educational Testing Service, Princeton, U.S.A. adapted by the New Brunswick Department of Education (1991).

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