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10 Questions with Dr. Kim Critchley

Dr. Kim Critchley and her husband Kevin Dr. Kim Critchley and her husband Kevin are pictured here after snowshoeing the Bonshaw Park trail system in February.

Dr. Kim Critchley is the deputy minister of the Department of Health and Wellness and began her role with the PEI public service in July 2016. She is a former dean of nursing at UPEI and CEO of the University of Calgary in Qatar.

In an effort to get to know Dr. Critchley better, we asked her to answer 10 questions about herself:

  1. Coffee or tea? That's a tricky question. I love one coffee to start the day - black, if it is good coffee. I like to end my day with a cup of tea. It's become a social thing between my husband and I that we like.
  2. Mountains or ocean? Oh, always the ocean. I don't think I can live away from the ocean now. I like to look at it, walk along it and swim in it. There's something about the smell of the ocean that gets in your blood.


  3. Favourite music? I would say my favorite music is good music. My taste is quite eclectic. A big fan of modern talent like Adele and Ed Sheeran, blues such as The Bones of JR Jones and The Heavy, and country such as Blue Rodeo and Johnny Reid. Love local artists like Lennie Gallant, Port Cities and Matt Anderson.
  4. Comedy or drama? Comedy for sure. Modern Family and Big Bang Theory crack me up. I can watch them over and over and always get a belly laugh.
  5. Run or walk? Long time runner. I don't feel right if I am not running. I run for my mental health as much as for the physical effects. It clears my head and I do a lot of thinking while I run.
  6. Favourite book? "Three Day Road". I have read a number of books written by Joseph Boyden but like this one the best. Some high schools in Canada have this book as a required reading.
  7. Monopoly or Scrabble? My husband would say I am obsessed with Scrabble. I have it on my Ipad and practice usually everyday. I've gotten pretty good! Well, at least against the computer. My husband can still beat me.
  8. Malpeque oysters or prairie oysters? There is something about the salty taste of Malpeque oysters that is simply amazing. Maybe it reminds me of summer.
  9. Current book? "A Duty to the Dead" by Charles Todd. It's about a nurse, Bess Crawford, who is working on the front lines caring for soldiers during the First World War. It leads into a bit of a mystery and is pretty good.
  10. Country or city? Now that really depends. I love to shop, so being able to visit a large city and do some serious shopping is shear joy for me. However, I love coming home to the peace and quiet of the country. I always say, PEI is a great place to come home to.

Many thanks to Dr. Critchley for sharing her personal insights with public service members. You can read her professional bio at

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