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Transitions and Retirement Pension & Benefits Sessions

This full day session will help you to plan for your retirement. The day begins with a look at the non-financial aspects of the retirement phase of your life. 

Preparation for retirement can be exciting and confusing. Learn about the many different things to consider when preparing for retirement. This session will help you to set realistic expectations for your retirement.


*Learn about retirement phases

*Increase your understanding of the transition to retirement

*Explore your interests and opportunities for a healthy and satisfying retirement


Applications in the workplace:

*A smooth transition for you, your work colleagues and your employer as you leave your work role

*Help in the orderly transfer of knowledge from you to others in the work place as you leave your *work role with the provincial government


The rest of the day focuses on the pension and benefits that are available to you:

*Understanding the opportunities, challenges and phases of retirement with a recently retired civil service employee.

*Information about provincial pensions and benefits which is provided by a representative of the *Pensions and Benefits Division with the Department of Finance.

*Information about the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Old Age Security (OAS) which is provided by a representative of Service Canada.

*The human resource and financial (payroll) steps to enter retirement provided by a human resource manager.



In order for you to get the most from this session, please request your official Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Statement of Contributions.

Go To:  Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Statement of Contributions

For dates and locations of the sessions - Go to the Registration Form

Information Contacts:
     Emily Allen, 368-6175,                                       
     Alaina Roach O'Keefe, 368-4186,

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