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Public Service Commission

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Orange Shirt Day spotlights reconciliation

Staff of the Public Services Commission, along with Minister Allen Roach (left) and Aboriginal Affairs Secretariat (right) including: Geraldine Fitzgerald, senior policy analyst; Erin Mundy, archaeologist; Dr. Helen Kristmanson, director and provincial archaeologist; Liam McKenna, student from the Mi'kmaq Confederacy of PEI; and Tracy Power, administrative assistant participate in Orange Shirt Day.

On September 27, provincial government employees joined Canadians across the country in wearing orange shirts.

Orange Shirt Day honours the memory of the hundreds of thousands of First Nations children who were taken from their families and communities and forced by law to attend the Canadian Indian Residential School system (ending in 1996). The shirt honours the memories, strength and resilience of the ones who were lost, the ones who survived, and their families.
To promote awareness of this important day, the PEI Aboriginal Affairs Secretariat hosted a trivia contest for all civil service employees. Handcrafted orange t-shirts, designed by Liam McKenna (pictured above) were awarded as prizes.

Test your knowledge of Orange Shirt Day

  1. In which year did the first Orange Shirt Day take place?
  2. Which province was the first to recognize Orange Shirt Day?
  3. When was the last residential school closed?
  4. Whose story formed the idea for Orange Shirt Day?
  5. What is the official motto of Orange Shirt Day?

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