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Public Service Commission

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Learning and You

Learned anything lately?
Learning should be a lifelong experience, and government agrees.
The Public Service Commission offers learning opportunities that fit your needs and support government and department priorities. There are many topics to choose from, facilitated by experts in their fields -- just click on the catalolgue below to browse topics.  
Click on the Registration Form to find out when and where sessions are being held. 
Contact Diane Cutcliffe at or 902-368-4186 for more information.

Programs and Courses
    Sessions for Working in Government
Frequently Asked Questions
        Session Catalogue
        Registration Form/Calendar
    Retirement Planning Sessions
    French Language Training
    Insights Discovery
    Labour Relations Training
    Diversity and Cultural Training
    Occupational Health and Safety
    Other Learning Sites

Learning Supports
    Development and Training Fund
    Career Planning and Learning Plan
    Learning Through Feedback
    Managing Work
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