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Child Sexual Abuse

To report an incident of child sexual abuse, contact Child Protection Services:

1-877-341-3101 (business hours)

1-800-341-6868 (after hours) or call 911



Child Sexual Abuse Publications and Resources 

  • Are you or is someone you know a survivor of child sexual abuse or sexual violence? Here is a link to a short powerful, inspirational video with a message of hope produced by the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We encourage ALL survivors of sexual violence - women and men, girls and boys - in Prince Edward Island to Speak Up and to seek support from the resources listed on this site.

  • What Happens Now? is a series of four booklets prepared in English and French by the Provincial Child Sexual Abuse Advisory Committee. The booklets provide information on child sexual abuse and what happens when child sexual abuse has been reported.

  • NEW Children's Sexual Behaviours - A Parent's Guide is newly updated and expanded by the Provincial Child Sexual Abuse Advisory Committee. This guide provides information on children's sexual development to help determine whether a child’s behaviour is normal and healthy, or a sign that something may be wrong.

  • NOUVEAU Comportement sexuel des enfants – Guide à l’intention des parents vient d’être mis à jour et enrichi par le Comité consultatif provincial sur l’exploitation sexuelle des enfants. Le guide renferme des renseignements sur le développement sexuel des enfants afin d’aider les parents à déterminer si le comportement qu’ils observent chez leur enfant est normal et sain ou s’il est l’indice d’un problème.

About the Provincial Child Sexual Abuse Advisory Committee

Since 1986, the Province of Prince Edward Island has been focusing its attention on the issue of child sexual abuse in an effort to raise public awareness and to enhance the level of service provided to child victims of sexual abuse and their families. Accomplishments include:

  • development of a child sexual abuse rural intervention model;
  • development of child sexual abuse protocol including guidelines and procedures for a coordinated response to child sexual abuse;
  • establishment of the Provincial Child Sexual Abuse Advisory Committee that consists of government and community representatives;
  • formation of the Charlottetown Child Abuse Interagency Committee.

Requests for public information material and/or guest speakers are welcome.

General Contact Information

(902)368- 6712
(902) 368-6186


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