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Social Assistance

The Social Assistance Program helps Islanders meet their basic needs when they are unable to provide for themselves. The program provides benefits on a case-by-case basis to Islanders who meet the program eligibility requirements according to the Social Assistance Act, Social Assistance Regulations and the Social Assistance Policy Manual.

Islanders can apply for assistance to meet their basic needs. These may include food, shelter, personal expenses, home rehabilitation, medical, dental and optical care and assistance with funeral costs.

Social Assistance rates vary depending on specific circumstances, such as the number of dependants in the household and whether the person applying for social assistance owns his or her own home.

Contact a social assistance office for more information and to apply.

Charlottetown Summerside Montague Souris O'Leary
368-5338 888-8397 838-0728 687-7170 859-8835

Information for People Impacted by the Fort McMurray Wildfires

Alberta has announced emergency relief funding for many of the people who were evacuated from the Fort McMurray area. If you were evacuated and are now on Prince Edward Island, the Social Assistance offices above can provide information about qualifying for this program. To find out if you qualify please call the number above. PEI will only be processing these applications from June 1 to June 15, 2016. 

For more information on the Alberta Emergency Funding, please see here.
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