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Child Protection

All members of our One Island Community are responsible for protecting children from abuse and neglect. Everyone is responsible for reporting abuse when we suspect it could be occurring. The Child Protection Act and Child Protection Regulations give the Department of Community Services and Seniors the authority to see that this protection is carried out.

There are a number of situations in which children are in need of protection:

  • When they are -- or have been -- at risk of being physically, sexually, or emotionally harmed by a parent;
  • Where the child experienced such harm and the parent did not prevent it;
  • Where the child requires treatment and the parent does not seek it.


If you suspect a child is in need of protection, you are legally required to contact Child and Family Services.

Provincial Child Protection Intake Unit After Hours
1-877-341-3101 1-800-341-6868





Child Protection Act Review

The Child Protection Act requires the Minister of Family and Human Services to appoint an advisory committee once every five years to review the operation and administration of the Act, and to report on whether its principles and purposes are being achieved.

The Child Protection Act Review is currently ongoing. For more information on the review please see this page.

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