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Child and Sexual Abuse Community Services

The following programs and services can provide assistance and support to persons affected by child and adult sexual abuse.

Island Help Line (toll-free) 1-800-218-2885

24-hour free, bilingual, confidential service for all Islanders providing information, support, active listening, and crisis intervention on family matters, child abuse, alcohol and drugs, parenting,  suicide, loneliness, and other problems.

Child Abuse Reporting

  • 1-877-341-3101 (toll free)
  • Charlottetown 368-5330 (local)
  • After Hours 1-800-341-6868 (toll free)

Child Protection social workers assess reports of children who are at risk of being abused/neglected, or have been abused, including exposure to domestic violence.

Child Protection Services

  • Charlottetown 368-5330
  • Souris 687-7060
  • Montague 838-0700
  • Summerside 888-8100
  • O’Leary 859-8811

24-hour services to vulnerable children, families and communities including child protection, foster care, residential and adoption; also provides programs to strengthen families and communities including Family Violence prevention, child sexual abuse and Family Ties.

Home Care and Support

  • Charlottetown 368-4790
  • Montague 838-0786
  • O’Leary 859-8730
  • Souris 687-7096
  • Summerside 888-8440

Home Care nursing, visiting homemakers, occupational therapists, community support workers, adult protection.

Victim Services


  • Charlottetown 368-4582
  • Summerside 888-8218

Assists victims of crime across the province. Services include: information and referral; short-term counselling; assistance through the Court process; victim impact statements; criminal injuries compensation; and assistance under the Victims of Family Violence Act.  Victims can access Victim Services whether the police have been called or not.

Police Services

Dail 911 for all emergency calls

Non emergency numbers:

  • Charlottetown RCMP 368-9300
  • Summerside RCMP 436-9300
  • Alberton RCMP 853-9300
  • Montague RCMP 838-9300
  • Souris RCMP 687-9300
  • Charlottetown Police Services 629-4172
  • Summerside Police Services 432-1201
  • Borden-Carleton Police Services 437-2228
  • Kensington Police Services 836-4499

Crime Stoppers

1-800-222-8477 (TIPS)

If you are being abused or know of an abusive situation, you can call Crime Stoppers.  You will be assigned a code number. We do not require your name. We guarantee that you will remain anonymous.


  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Charlottetown     894-2111
  • Prince County Hospital, Summerside     438-4200
  • Stewart Memorial Hospital, Tyne Valley    831-7900
  • Kings County Memorial Hospital, Montague    838-0777
  • Souris Hospital, Souris    687-7150
  • Western Hospital, Alberton    853-8650
  • O'Leary Community Hospital, O'Leary   859-8700

PEI Rape and Sexual Assault Centre

  • Main Office Telephone   (902) 566-1864 (toll free: 1-866-566-1864)
  • Counselling Office   (902) 368-8055 (toll free: 1-888-368-8055)

Therapy services for adult female and male survivors of childhood sexual abuse and sexual assault. Information and support for family members of survivors. Information, training and workshops provided about the impact of sexual violence, healthy relationships and dating violence.

Community Mental Health Services

  • Charlottetown McGill Centre     368-4911
  • Charlottetown Richmond Centre    368-4430
  • Summerside (bilingual services available)    888-8180
  • Montague (bilingual services available)    838-0960
  • Souris (bilingual services available)    687-7110
  • O’Leary (bilingual services available)    859-8781
  • Alberton (bilingual services available)    853-8670

Treatment, assessment and consultation services for adults and children.

Addiction Services (toll-free) 1-888-299-8399

  • Provincial Addictions Treatment Facility, Charlottetown (bilingual services available) 368-4120
  • Alberton 853-8670
  • Summerside (bilingual services available) 888-8380
  • Montague 838-0960
  • Souris 687-7110

Provides support to people (including children and adolescents) with addiction and affected by addiction.

Catholic Family Services Bureau

Charlottetown 894-3515

The bureau is a non-denominational, not-for-profit agency that provides professional counselling, educational and advocacy services to individuals, couples, parents, children, teens and families.  There is a sliding fee scale based on family size and income.

Family Service PEI

  • Charlottetown    892-2441
  • Summerside    436-9171

Individual, family and marital counseling; financial counseling; information and referral; anger management; family life education; and family advocacy. Fee for services on a sliding fee scale or at no cost based on income level, family size and financial circumstances.

Mi'kmaq Family PRIDE Program (toll free)1-877-884-0808

  • Summerside    436-5101
  • Lennox Island    831-2711
  • Abegweit    676-2722

A family support and prevention program that is offered by The Mi'kmaq Confederacy of PEI to children, youth and families who live on reserve.  Services include; in-home support, groups, one-on-one for children and youth and family group conferencing.

Disability Support Program

  • West Prince    859-8824
  • East Prince    432-2740
  • Kings County    687-7016
  • Queens County    368-5996

Responds to the unique needs of persons with disabilities and their families.  Assists qualifying individuals with disabilities to increase independence and develop a support plan that meets disability-specific needs.

East Prince Women’s Information Centre

Summerside    436-9856

Resource and referral centre for women on issues such as employment, abuse, addictions, legal rights,
sexual harassment, etc.

LeGroupe consultatif communautaire Évangéline

Wellington office 854-2699 / 439-1147 (cell)

Provides both French and English prevention services for family and domestic violence; abuse and harassment of children, youth and older adults; frauds and scams; cybersafety; bullying in the home/school/workplace and in sports.

PEI Community and Correctional Services

Clinical Services Team 368-7613

Programming of the team focuses upon the delivery of services which will develop and reinforce positive lifestyles; includes the Sexual Deviance Assessment/Treatment Program.

Community Legal Information Association of PEI and Lawyer Referral Service

Charlottetown  892-0853,  (toll free) 1-800-240-9798

CLIA provides legal information via an inquiry line, walk-in service, website, speakers bureau, and publications.  Also provides referrals for a brief consultation with a lawyer for a small fee.

Mi’kmaq Confederacy of PEI (MCPEI) Aboriginal Justice Program

Charlottetown 367-3681

Provides meaningful and culturally appropriate alternatives to formal court process that is understanding and respectful of the Aboriginal offender. Also provides support, information and referrals to all Aboriginals on Prince Edward Island.

Crown Attorneys

  • Charlottetown   368-4595
  • Summerside   888-8213

Responsible for the prosecution of all criminal cases under the Criminal Code of Canada and Provincial Statutes. Crown Attorneys are available to meet with victims prior to court proceedings usually in the presence of a Victim Services Worker and/or a police officer.

Family Legal Aid

  • Charlottetown 368-6540
  • Summerside 888-8066

Services to low-income clients with urgent family law matters such as domestic violence where safety of adults or children has been endangered, family legal services are essential to meet the needs of children (custody, access, financial support, housing), and child protection cases.

Family Court Counselors/Mediators

Charlottetown 368-6928

Prepares court-ordered home study assessments and recommendations regarding custody/access issues; makes appropriate referrals to other agencies; and, provides mediation services for co-parents developing Parenting Plans regarding custody and access, and related issues.

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