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Student Financial Services

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What are your allowable expenses?

Your Allowable Expenses:

Tuition and Student Fees: Student Financial Services verifies this information with the educational institution you are attending.

Books and Supplies: Student Financial Services verifies this information with your educational institution and it is based on your program of study.

Return Travel Allowance: Your return travel allowance is based on the province/territory your education institution is in. Your return travel allowance is for one full academic year.
$250 $500 $1,000 $900 $1,000 $1,100 $1,200 $1,200

Computer-Related Costs: Students can now claim up to a maximum of $300 dollars towards computer-related costs each academic year.

Living Allowance: Based on allowances provided by the federal government and your province of study. Your living allowance includes your rent, food, electricity, telephone, local transportation and miscellaneous spending.

Weekly Living Allowances: Standard weekly living allowances ensure that everyone, in similar circumstances, who applies for a loan is on the same playing field. Weekly living allowances do not include tuition, books, supplies or other education-related costs.

PEI Student Financial Services uses the maximum weekly living allowances in the calculation of need. This does not mean that all applicants will be awarded these amounts for living costs. The following are the PEI Living Allowances.

PEI Weekly Living Allowances:

Single student living at home $109 per week
Single student living away from home $218 per week
Single parent $282 per week
Married student and spouse $433 per week
Allowance per dependant $122 per week

Living allowances are based on a moderate standard of living and may vary according to the province in which you reside while attending school.

Weekly Living Allowance by Province:

Accommodations NB NS NL QC ON MB SK AB BC
Single student living at home $104 $107 $99 $108 $111 $112 $111 $120 $116
Single student living away from home $216 $230 $222 $230 $266 $244 $259 $251 $313
Single parent student $290 $304 $295 $292 $345 $287 $350 $311 $419
Married student and spouse $431 $460 $434 $418 $510 $453 $504 $483 $640
Allowance per dependant $109 $119 $107 $118 $142 $131 $117 $132 $148

If you are a single dependant student, and your parents live in the same city where you are attending classes, you will automatically be assessed at the “at home” costs, when determining your need.

Living allowances for single students living away from home are based on shared accommodations.
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