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Student Financial Services

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Canada Student Grant for Special Services and Equipment for Students with Permanent Disabilities

Students with Disabilities:

If a student has a permanent disability, which limits their physical or mental ability to perform the daily activities necessary to participate fully in post-secondary studies or in the labour force, they may wish to inquire about special programs available to assist in their studies. If a student's disability prevents them from studying full-time, they may be eligible for full-time loan assistance at a reduced course load (between 40% and 59% of a full course load).

Special Services and Equipment for Students with Permanent Disabilities:

Type of assistance: Federally funded grant to cover exceptional education related costs that are not normally considered in the student loan assessment (i.e. equipment and services).

Maximum assistance: Up to $8,000 a year for the duration of a student's program.

To be eligible a student must apply and qualify for a full-time or part-time student loan.

Documentation Required:
  • Medical documentation for a medical disability.
  • Learning assessment for a learning disability.
  • Verification from a qualified person (i.e. a Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS) case worker; an official at a centre for students with disabilities; a guidance counsellor or financial aid administrator at the post-secondary institution a student is attending) outlining how they would benefit from the equipment or services as it relates to their disability.
  • Detailed cost estimates (usually 2 seperate sources) for the exceptional education-related costs.

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