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Student Financial Services

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Canada Student Grant for Part-time Studies

Canada Student Grant and/or Loan for Part-time Students:

The Canada Student Loans Program for Part-time Studies is available for part-time students to help with educational costs such as tuition, books, and transportation.

Canada Student Loan and/or Grant Program for Part-time Studies:
  • Type of assistance: Federally funded grant to assist eligible students studying on a part-time basis and/or Federal loan program repayable with interest.
  • Maximum assistance (loan): Students cannot have an outstanding part-time student loan in excess of $10,000 at any one time.
  • Maximum assistance (grant): Up to $1,200 per loan year which can supplement or replace a part-time loan.
  • To be eligible for the Part-time Student Loan and/or Grant, students must: be enrolled in between 20% and 59% of a full-time course load.
  • Start of Repayment: Interest payments begin 1 month after a student's loan is finalized, so interest payments will begin while the student is attending classes. Full repayment (principal and interest) starts 6 months after study end date. Students may be able to access the Federal Interest Relief Program to defer interest payments. For more information about the Federal Interest Relief Program contact CanLearn Interactive website.

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Deadline dates for part-time student loan applications
are strictly enforced. 

If you are a part-time student in a program less than 12 weeks long, you must send in your completed application and documentation (including applications for Canada Student Grant for Special Services and Equipment for students wit Permanent Disabilties) at leas 3 weeks before the end of your classes.

Refer to the "Focus on Your Future" program guide or on-line at for more program details.
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