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Student Financial Services

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Resident Status

Resident Status

This section is to assist in determining whether or not a student is a resident of Prince Edward Island. Prince Edward Island residency is necessary in order to be considered for a loan from this province with the exception of permanent residents (landed immigrants), or Protected Person of Canada, as defined under Canadian Immigration Legislation.

The following are the criteria necessary for a student to be considered a resident of Prince Edward Island:

If a dependent student:
A student is considered a resident of the province where their parents have lived for at least 12 consecutive months prior to the beginning of their program. If one parent works in another province, the student is a resident of the province where the family home is being kept. If a student’s parents are separated or divorced, the student’s province of residence is with the parent normally lived with or from where the main financial support is received. If a student’s parents move to another province but the student stays in Prince Edward Island to continue their post-secondary education then Prince Edward Island will continue to be their province of residence.

If an independent student:
  1. Single or single parent - a student establishes residence by living in a province for 12 months, not including time spent at a post secondary institution, prior to enrolling in their chosen program. If a student has not spent 12 consecutive months in a province, they should apply in the province where they established residency while they were a dependent student.
  2. Married or common-law - a student is considered a resident of the province where their working spouse has been employed for 12 months before the start of the academic year. If the student and their spouse are both enrolled and applying for assistance, it is recommended that one province support both, preferably the province where they are both enrolled, provided it is one of the provinces where one of them live. If both student and spouse are attending an educational institution that is not in their original residence province, application should be made to their own province of residency unless a mutual agreement can be reached between the provinces.
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