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Design and Bridge Maintenance

What do we do...

The Section is responsible for the assessment and bridge functions to the construction of government transportation infrastructure.  It is also responsible for the design of selected capital highway and bridge projects, and the development and maintenance of selected design information services.

  • CAD drawing of existing topographic conditions
  • Preliminary highway design services including vertical and horizontal alignment, cross sections, open drainage and storm sewer, intersections, and environmental features
  • Review design with Chief and Regional Engineers
  • Preliminary and detailed structural analysis and design for bridge structure 
  • Detailed design drawings with specifications for both highway and bridge structure projects
  • Implementing engineering software to provide design
  • Review of final design with Regional Engineers and implement comments and recommendations
  • Provide alignments and reports to surveyors for layout
  • Provide quantity take-offs and estimates
  • Provide conceptual design services for other departments as require
  • Provide detailed design drawings and specifications for both highway and bridge structure projects
  • For further information contact;

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