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Public Works and Planning FAQs

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Where can I find information on current building construction tenders?

Building Construction tender opportunities are available at the construction tenders site.

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How can I rent space to Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal?

Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal utilizes a number of leased office spaces, additional space is leased as required. Information related to potential space can be sent to Kent Smith, for reference.

Opportunities to submit proposals covering the provision of space are advertised in local newspapers and at the construction tenders Site.

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What happens to surplus office furniture?

Surplus office furniture and equipment is reassigned within government departments where possible. Charitable and volunteer groups may be loaned surplus items not required within government. The remaining items are sold at a public auction, which is advertised in the local newspapers.

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Is a deposit required for building construction tender documents?

Yes, a refundable deposit of $100 is required, unless noted otherwise in the tender advertisement. The deposit must be in the form of a cheque, draft or money order and made payable to the Minister of Finance and Municipal Affairs.

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Is my deposit for building construction tender documents returned?

The tender deposit is returned if the documents are returned within 14 days of the tender closing, or you notify the department that you are a successful general or subcontractor for the project.

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Where can I pick up advertised Building Construction tender packages?

Tender packages, for building construction, can be picked up on the 3rd floor of the Jones Building, 11 Kent Street, Charlottetown.

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Can anyone submitting a bid attend a tender opening?

The tender openings are always public.

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Who is the bid security, submitted in connection with building construction tenders, made payable to?

The bid security is made payable to the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal. 

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What is the phone number for information on the tendering process, to get a list of plan holders or tender results?

For information, contact 368-5060 or 368-5160.

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